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Infinite Scroll and This Blog

I’ve had a few people ask me why I don’t use infinite scroll anymore on my blog and I thought I’d address the issue. As most of you know, I completely redesigned this blog a few months ago and with that redesign, I decided to switch infinite scrolling off. I did this for two main reasons:

  • With infinite scroll, as you read farther into the blog and more images load, the page lags more and more and  consequently takes longer to load the content. Especially since I blog many GIFs and videos, the lag becomes almost unbearable after loading only a few pages of content. I decided it was better to improve loading times and usability by splitting content into pages.
  • Infinite scroll kind of sucks for navigation purposes. If you ever have to reload the page or accidentally close the tab and reopen it, you lose your place with no easy way to get back to it. Nothing sucks more than having to scroll down over and over through many pages of already read posts to get back to your previous place. It’s much easier and more intuitive to have defined pages that make content easier to find later on.

I know it’s a trade off to only be able to see 14 images per page (I picked 14 because 15 is the maximum posts per page but I have a two column format, so I wanted even amounts per column) and to have to manually advance forward and backward through pages, but I believe that this sacrifice is worth it in terms of lowered page loading times, improved navigation, and reduced browser lag. I do hope you all see why I made this choice and I welcome any feedback, positive or negative or anywhere inbetween, in my ask box any time :)

Love and Hugs,